“Check us Out” by Experience Columbus

What is so great about Columbus?

Many cities are known for being the best at something: New York has Theater, Chicago has architecture, Orlando has Disney, Las Vegas has casinos, and Washington D.C. has iconic landmarks. When you think of these cities, you automatically think of one thing. When you think about Columbus, however, it’s hard to come up with just a single thing because life in Columbus is made up of many things. The total life experience¬†is what makes Columbus great.

Welcome to ShowMeColumbus.Com, your home for local tours and an invitation to join our community. Whether you’re new to town, you’re planning a visit, or you’ve lived here your whole life, I encourage you to Explore, Discover, and Connect with this great city. Let me help you build a perfect trip or help you explore your own backyard through customized, private & group tours, and Columbus vacation planning for you, your group, or your family. Contact me today and let me welcome you to our community. Welcome to Columbus!

~Will Haynes


Thank you for your interest in ShowMeColumbus Tours!

For the safety of our guides and guests, we have made the tough decision to hold off on providing tours at this time. Many of the places we visit are either closed or at reduced capacity and space is at a premium. While we would love to further help you explore, discover, and connect with this great city, it seems like the best option is to wait until things are back to normal to continue the tours you love.

Please keep an eye on our webpage, or drop us a line (will@showmecolumbus.com) to get notified when tours resume. We'll be launching Crimes, Cons, and Cocktails (Famous Columbus Crimes) and the Boos and Brews (Haunted HIstory) tour again when it's safe.